Estate Planning

Our well-experienced estate planning attorneys have the ability to provide you with the options that help you to have a clear understanding and the ability to achieve your estate planning needs and requirements.

We at Epperson have a strong belief that estate planning does not end with document creation. Mostly, estate planning is merely considered involving wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, and other legal documents. Though these documents are vital and necessary, the estate planning process also involves much more than just the estate planning-related documentations.

The estate planning process mainly involves: setting and defining the goals; familiarizing with the legal terms, tools and basic estate tax rules/regulations, gathering the vital information; sketching, drafting, and implementing a tailor-made estate plan that assists in achieving individual successful results.

It should be taken into consideration that estate planning does not end as soon as you are done signing the necessary documents. We stress the importance of using the documents. Instead of making your Estate Plan as an unopened book on the bookshelf, there are many things that should be brought into attention. There are clients who do not implement the plan; the clients who have no clue or idea on how to use the plan to maximize their results. Many of the estate plans we run across are like an unopened book on the shelf of your study.

Epperson has collective years of experience to help you with Estate Planning. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.