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Stop Creditor Harassment in Tampa Bay – Falling into debt is very stressful and is something that many Americans in Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete and New Port Richey now are facing due to the decline in the US and Florida economy. The new trend for collection agencies is that they try and harass their clients all day and night until they either give up and pay their dues or take legal actions against these collection companies. In order to stop creditor harassment, you should find an Florida attorney that will fight for your rights and help end the stress that these collection agencies put on the many Americans who are drowning in debt. These agencies do have the right to call and collect their debts, unfortunately many times creditors cross the boundary of what is legal. You have certain rights as a debtor and are protected from this type of harassment.

Epperson & Rich provide quality representation for all of your creditor harassment needs; serving clients in the Tampa Bay region, including Clearwater, St. Pete, and Pasco County. You will receive a first class experience from our attorneys who are willing to work for you in order to stop creditor harassment and return your life to normal by removing the stress of being hunted by a creditor. The constant surge of phone calls that debtors receive can make life miserable. They may feel afraid of answering the phone due to debt collection agencies being on the other line; no one should have to live life with this kind of fear. The uneasiness the debtors experience day in and day out is something the creditors feed on, if they can make you uncomfortable enough then they will try and force you to pay your debt.

To stop creditor harassment in Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete or New Port Richey, Florida you must stand up for your rights which you have as a debtor. You are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which was passed in 1978. This Act was passed in order to ensure that abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts are eliminated and that fair debt collection practices are used. Under this act there is a guideline that creditors have not to coerce or face legal action. Harassment includes but is not limited to contacting consumers outside the hours of 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, continuously ringing the phone, publishing the debtors name or address under a “bad debt list”, using profane languages, using threats to physically harm someone or threat to take legal action.

A proper creditor will avoid doing any of the examples mentioned above or they may face extreme legal consequences that sometimes even include paying your lawyer and court fees, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, creditors are obliged to follow certain protocol that helps stop creditor harassment such as, indentifying themselves and notifying the consumers that they are from a debt collection agency, give the name of the original creditor, inform consumers of their legal rights as a debtor, provide evidence of their debt, and if it comes to it they must file a lawsuit within a proper venue.

At Epperson & Rich Tampa Bankruptcy Solutions in the Florida Counties of Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco, we will fight for your right to stop creditor harassment and provide unique service for each client. We believe that no two cases or people are alike and because of that we provide clients with individualized care so that each client may breathe a sigh of relief in a time where many people feel the burden of their stress is too much to handle. Hire Epperson & Rich of Tampa Bay to protect you from creditors and help restore your life to normal; you can contact us for a free no obligation consultation by calling (813) 886-8500. Trust in our Tampa Bankruptcy Solutions to help stop creditor harassment once and for all so you can live your life without the uncertainty of tomorrow. Serving Clients in all of Florida including Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete and New Port Richey.