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Recently there has been an increase of creditor harassment with many Americans who are falling into debt and have no way to pay the creditors back. This recent issue has also increased the number of harassing phone calls that debt collectors make in order to bully you into giving them what they want. These creditors do have the right to call and ask you to repay your debt; however, in many cases these debt-collecting agencies cross the boundary of what is legal. Creditor harassment includes but is not limited to the use of profanity, implied threats, and even calling without mentioning that they are debt collectors. Epperson & Rich, Attorneys at Law can help you deal with the circumstance that you are in and reduce the stress of an uncertain future. Representing Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, and Pasco County, Epperson & Rich have helped many clients’ battle harassing debt collectors. With a dependable lawyer, you can protect yourself from future harassment by these creditors.

Many people are faced with debt problems and should not be taken advantage of just because these agencies believe that they can get away with creditor harassment either because their customers do not know that this type of harassment is illegal or that they cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Agencies use harassing phone calls to take advantage of the embarrassing type of situation that debtors are in and prey on customers that are emotionally crippled and are overwhelmed with the stress they are put under by debt collectors. With the use of creditor harassment, agencies force debtors to comply with their demands and pay them an unjustified amount of money by threatening to arrest or use legal action against them if they refuse to abide with their demands. What many people do not know is that if you have a case and win against these debt-collecting agencies, that they are obligated to pay for your lawyer and court fees.

The bombardment of harassing phone calls to your home, cell, and work phone can make life even more stressful than it already is. No one should have to be afraid of picking up their phone in fear that creditors might be on the other line. As an American, you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which was added in 1978 to prevent this type of harassment and to make sure that fair debt collecting practices are being met. Calling at odd hours (outside of 8am to 9pm), misrepresenting oneself, seeking unjustified amount, and contacting your place of employment are just a few of the many things that these creditors are forbidden to do legally. By utilizing an experienced lawyer, you can help put an end to the constant creditor harassment and take back your life from debt-collecting agencies.

If you are looking for a solution to your creditor harassment problem, hire Epperson & Rich to represent you and experience first class service by a qualified duo of lawyers in Tampa who will not rest until their clients are no longer dealing with harassing phone calls and are able to live a stress free and happy life. Our clients can expect to be treated with respect and have their cases handled on an individual basis. That is why hundreds of clients in the Tampa Bay region continue to give us the opportunity to represent them; the quality of service that each client receives is personally looked after since we know that every person and every case is never the same and should be handled as such. The use of abuse in order to collect debts is a violation of your rights and should be acted upon, or the never-ending harassing phone calls will not cease unless legal action is taken against these creditors.

If you are dealing with creditor agencies violating your life, then contact Tampa bankruptcy solutions lawyers Epperson & Rich to receive a free consultation. You have enough to worry about rather than deal with creditors and having to put up with the harassing phone calls. You have your rights, and you can use it against these debt-collecting agencies, so hire experienced credit harassment lawyers to represent you in your hour of need and take back your life.

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