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Florida Bankruptcy – If you want to regain your life back again but are scared of how the Florida bankruptcy laws might affect you then consider hiring a Tampa Bay bankruptcy lawyer to help you in your time of need. At Epperson & Rich in Tampa, Clearwater and St Pete we provide a comfortable environment so that our clients have no need to be nervous. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy then there is probably enough stress on your mind without you having to add on more by dealing with unreasonable lawyers. We understand the situation you are in and will do everything within our powers to help reduce the stress and hopefully return your life back to normal. Epperson & Rich provide service to the Tampa Bay region, and with the many years of experience you can rely on them to find a solution to all your problems.

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With bills piling up and no way of digging yourself out of the hole, many people begin to panic and think that they are alone in this world with their problems. Actually, many people file for bankruptcy and find a way out to resume their life before the problem began. In order to do this you must rely on Florida bankruptcy lawyers who know their way around the legal system and those that have many years of experience. The duo of Epperson & Rich bring both experience as lawyers and in depth knowledge of bankruptcy law to the Tampa bay area. However, what sets them apart from the other hundreds of lawyers is that they add a personal touch to their services, which adds a friendly atmosphere for their clients.

The attorneys at Epperson & Rich of Tampa Bay have a unique approach to the way they handle business with their clients. They provide personal attention to each client because we know that no two cases or no two people are alike and should be treated that way. The lack of education on Florida bankruptcy law startles many people since they do not know what to expect in the future. The lack of knowledge of bankruptcy is never the issue, because one can always learn more with the advice of a professional, especially one with a substantial amount of experience.

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There are two main different types of bankruptcy that people usually have to go through. The first type is called chapter 7 bankruptcy which is also referred to as a total liquidation bankruptcy. Usually if you are considering this route than you have very limited options on recovering from your financial loses as an individual or a business. At this point you must sell off any and all un-exempt assets is order to pay off your creditors. Things such as the house you live in will be saved because of the homestead act which disallows a home of an individual to be taken away in order to pay off credit; excluding those with multiple houses or property.

The second type of Florida bankruptcy that many people opt to do is called Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is also considered rehabilitation bankruptcy; this is because people who are claiming chapter 13 are usually those who have a steady income and they are in a position in which they can repay back their debts. These people usually are given additional time, lower interest rates, and no more penalties being incurred. This route is usually always preferred since the debts are considered fully paid at the end of the bankruptcy process and it isn’t as bad of a blow on your credit history compared to chapter 7 bankruptcies.

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