Foreclosure Defense



Tampa Foreclosure Defense Clearwater, St Pete, Pasco County

At Epperson & Rich, P.A. Attorneys At Law, our attorneys provide legal representation for anyone who is faced with a foreclosure lawsuit. We understand that each client has a different set of circumstances, which is why we evaluate every detail of the case to best determine the most effective plan of action for your Tampa foreclosure defense. Fighting foreclosure is important, if you want to prevent the bank from seizing your property.

When faced with a foreclosure, acting fast is the best thing that you can do because every day that goes by can be extremely detrimental to your case. The result of letting more time go by is a tougher and more expensive fight to keep your property. You are typically granted 20 days to respond to a foreclosure summons so you need to be fully aware of your options. Rather than delaying your next move and creating further panic, you should contact a reputable law firm that handles Tampa foreclosure defense cases. Since our law firm also practices such cases, as well as bankruptcy cases, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide you with answers at each step of your foreclosure case. From the very beginning to the end of your case, we will fully represent you and try to lessen the stress of foreclosure for you.

Every person has the right to challenge the legal process for a chance to keep their home, regardless of what they have been told otherwise. You can count on our experienced attorneys to fight for you and find the best solution to your foreclosure case, whether that be a direct fight against the foreclosure or other alternatives that will not affect your credit report. Many people do not realize that there are alternatives to foreclosure. Contacting our Tampa foreclosure defense attorneys will enable you to explore your alternatives. Options such as a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure and bankruptcy are several alternatives to foreclosure that may be suited for your individual circumstances.

Short Sale

This term is used in real estate when the outstanding loans against a property are larger than the value at which the property can be sold. Short sales allow homeowners to avoid foreclosure while still being able to settle their loans with their lenders. The lender agrees to the sale of the property for a sensible loss, while the borrower may be able to avoid a deficiency and avoid receiving a poorer credit rating. This process does not always operate smoothly and complications often arise. Our Tampa foreclosure defense attorneys will guide you so that complications can be reduced.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Another alternative to foreclosure is a deed in lieu of foreclosure, which is essentially a consensual transaction between the homeowner and the lender to cancel the mortgage. If all goes well, the lender agrees to forego suing you and instead takes back the real estate. The main advantage of a deed in lieu is that the borrower is instantly liberated of all, or most of their debt related to the defaulted loan. As a result, the borrower’s credit may not be hurt as much as it will be from a foreclosure. The cost and time associated with repossession are reduced for the lender, so they have an incentive to go forth with the deed in lieu. This can be a confusing situation from the get go, and without the proper legal representation, it can be even more confusing.


When an individual or an organization is unable to pay their creditors, bankruptcy is often the solution. Bankruptcy may provide you with a fresh start because you may be able to either totally wipe out your debt in a chapter 7 or offered a repayment plan for pennies on the dollar through a chapter 13. Our attorneys can educate you on these options and fight to keep all, or most of your assets.

One important thing to remember is that do you have options when it comes to foreclosure. Let our Tampa foreclosure defense attorneys help you in this troubling time. The experience and knowledge that we have will make this process as stress free as possible for you. To determine which option is the best course of action for you to take, act fast and contact our reputable law firm at (813) 886-8500.