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About our Firm:  Having an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa, Clearwater or St Pete by your side at a time of need can be very crucial if you wish to have a stable financial future. The law offices at Epperson and Rich have attorneys who posses valuable knowledge and experience in the field which can be a great advantage for you. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very daunting task, especially if you are trying to go through it by yourself. With the many forms and countless laws and regulations the only way you can possibly know that what you are doing is correct is by hiring an attorney who is trained to know the process.

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Filing for bankruptcy is something that is very serious and can affect your future if the right steps are not taken. Many people believe that they can handle filing for bankruptcy on their own and end up in over their heads when things become difficult. In order to avoid this situation you should consider utilizing the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa, Clearwater or St Pete who can give you useful legal advice. Having an Tampa attorney who knows his way around bankruptcy law can be very helpful during a time in which people are very stressed out and unsure of their future financially. If you refuse the service of a lawyer than you are missing out on valuable information which no friend or family member can provide.

At the law offices at Epperson & Rich you can find that our expertise and in-depth knowledge in bankruptcy law solution is something that you can take advantage of if you are considering filing for chapter 7 or 13. The great thing about hiring a lawyer once you have decided on bankruptcy is that they will be able to represent you in court, which is difficult to do alone. The paper work involved in the process of paying everyone back is often complex and not suited for those who are unfamiliar with the course of action that is needed. By not having to deal with annoying creditors who call at all hours of the night, you will already reduce the stress in your life. Once your attorney has finished the bankruptcy filing process, then these creditors will never call, or send harassing letters which will give you the peace that you need in your life.

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There is a possibility that you may lose your property (especially if you own more than one house) which can be devastating for people. In order to make sure that you will be able to obtain everything important after the bankruptcy has been filed, it is wise to hire someone who is capable of helping. At the law offices of Epperson & Rich our experienced bankruptcy lawyer will be there every step of the way to ensure that both client and attorney are on the same page. This is the major difference in attempting to file bankruptcy on your own rather than utilizing the help of an attorney; with a professional at your side there are far less complications to deal with as opposed to filing by yourself. At our law firm we often are willing to go above and beyond what is needed in order to make sure our clients are happy.

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