Tampa Creditor Harassment | Clearwater | St Pete | Pasco County

 Are you avoiding a nonstop barrage of harassing phone calls from creditors? Is the stress of these harassing calls in turn adding stress on your spouse and children? It’s time that you put an end to Tampa creditor harassment once and for all. You should never be afraid to answer your phone, for fear that it’s another creditor seeking debt collection. This is a terrible way to live and no one should ever have to be subjected to such harassment. If you find yourself in such a situation then you need to take the necessary steps to find an effective solution to this problem. The experience our law firm has with this issue has brought justice to many other people faced with creditor harassment. Our attorneys’ are willing to pursuit creditors using unlawful debt collection practices, and you may be compensated for their wrongdoings.

Some creditors can be extremely intrusive and try to contact you by any means necessary. They may not only call your home, but also your work, cell phone, family members and even in some extenuating circumstances, your neighbors. Creditors are relentless and will often do whatever it takes to collect from you. They add unnecessary stress to your life and it doesn’t help that many of them are malicious and ill-mannered, using intimidation as a method of collection. Don’t let creditors threaten you with claims of ruining your reputation. These means of intimidation on behalf of the creditor are geared toward inducing panic in the individual.

You need to be aware that in regards to Tampa creditor harassment, creditors are not immune to the law. In many cases creditors will threaten you with false statements or debt collection methods that are fraudulent. There are laws in existence that protect you from creditors from abusing your rights, and that protect you from creditors who use unlawful and fraudulent debt collection methods. Even though their actions are governed by laws, many creditors still relentlessly pursue individuals, sometimes with illegal acts, because they do not think that the individual will pursue them in court. Creditors often think that they can get away with such unlawful acts because they feel that the individual does not have the monetary resources, emotional strength and time available to file a suit against the creditor. The acts of  unlawful Tampa creditor harassment in Clearwater, St Pete or Pasco County should never be tolerated. The hiring of an attorney can usually stop such acts.

Although a creditor is ultimately contacting you to collect a debt, they may cross the line while doing so. There are certain laws that prohibit what time and where a creditor is allowed to contact you. Most creditors assume that you have very little, or no knowledge at all, when it comes to these laws. This is why the hiring of an experienced attorney is crucial, one who knows these laws. In some cases you may be able to sue the creditor, or at the very least, stop the harassing calls.

Tampa creditor harassment is a serious subject and should not be taken lightly. You need to take immediate action so that you can regain control of your life and eliminate the stress that stems from such harassment. If you are a victim of unlawful harassment by a creditor then you should contact Epperson & Rich, P.A. Attorneys At Law. We will see that creditor harassment is put to a stop and reward you with any damages that you may be eligible for. For your free, no obligation consultation call our office at (813) 886-8500.